Our Team


Chris Clark

Teaching | Vision | Management

Chris is a 2005 graduate of Evangel University, and has been in full-time church ministry for 19 years. He and his wife, Natasha have 4 kids (but no pets, because, you know, allergies and stuff). 

Chris is passionate about bringing the sometimes-complicated world of theology out of the clouds and into everyday life.

Amateur "tech guy"
Dallas Cowboys fan
Dancing skills


Shad Springer

Kids | Jr High | Sr High

Shad has been part of the North Parkway family since 2012, and received his ministry license in 2020.  He and his wife, Molly, are excited to teach and mentor young people of all ages.

Shad’s goal in ministry is to see kids and students take their faith outside the walls of the church and into every part of their lives.

Disc Golf Aficionado
Hat Fashion Expert
Slappa da Bass


Missy Tharp

Adult Bible Studies | Guest Experience | Member Care

Missy grew up at North Parkway where she and her husband, Dirk, raised three children (so if you want any juicy church-history tidbits, she probably knows where all the skeletons are buried 😉 ). She felt God’s call to ministry as a 14-year old and has been serving in church ever since – working with kids & nursery, student ministry, leading bible studies and more.

Missy is excited and committed to see the church become a family where we do life together.

Chocolate Raisin Consumer
Chew Toy Thrower
The Great Outdoors Enjoyer


Carrie Quatto

King's Kids Daycare Director

Carrie has been with King’s Kids for over a decade, both as a teacher and a director. She oversees one of the highest-regarded early childhood learning centers in the greater Peoria region, and consistently earns high marks for her organizational acumen and people skills.

80's Music Knowledge
Comic Con Superfan
Aren't these skill bars fun?

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